PGS Hotels founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Pegas Touristik, one of the biggest 10 tour operators of the world keeps its operations with its selected hotels in Turkey and Thailand. Combining high quality service with non-stop entertainment PGS Hotels, standardised all necessary services within an Ultra All Inclusive system to provide everyone a satisfying holiday with affordable prices.


In order to give better quality and innovative service that are above world standards in an ever evolving, changing and continuously growing tourism industry and become an industry leader we promise to follow these principles: focus on guest satisfaction, continuously improve, respect business values, honor the staff, give importance to society and the environment, act according to the laws.


    Ensure 95% guest satisfaction rate according to the in-house guest satisfaction surveys, do not exceed annual staff circulation rate over 5%, provide necessary training to 90% of staff by adhering to the annual training plan, organize all internal audits and management oversight meetings on scheduled dates, obtain a %99 accurate score from food sample analysis.


    Give importance to the institutionalization and branding

    Follow changes and updates of the global tourism and hospitality standards

    Be open minded to continuous improvement and changes

    Adopt value based management approach

    Focus the work process on guests

    Be sensitive to guest requests and suggestions and analyse them

    Not compromise on quality

    Give importance to employee selection and training

    Work with team spirit

    Provide energetic and friendly service

    Respect the environment and society

    Obey the laws